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Date Title
23-02-21 Electromagnetic Induction Heating Extraction Technology for Thick Oil Wells in xx Oilfield in Ecuador
22-03-16 Ultra-long Shale Block Development Significantly Accelerated by Anton Hi-performance and Environmental Water-base Drilling Fluid
22-02-16 Rock debris removal technology helps safe and rapid drilling of shale gas horizontal wells
22-01-27 T-All Inspection boosted PetroChina Tarim Oilfield Intelligent CP System Implementation
22-01-27 Anton Intelligent Plunger Drainage Gas Production Technology helps flooded gas well efficient reproduction
22-01-20 New breakthrough of gas storage monitoring technology – Anton permanent optical fiber monitoring technology
22-01-13 Anton's Great Milestone of Fracturing in Iraq -------Anton's fracturing operation sets a new record
21-11-05 Integrated fracturing and sand control service
21-11-01 Successful implementation of the whole process of ANTON “TAICHI” water control completion technology: 462 tons of oil increase and 15% water cut reduction
21-03-09 Anton won two awards in the Corporate Governance Asia-Asian Excellence Award 2020
21-01-07 Enable collaboration and common development! The Beijing Ecological Cooperation Enterprise Exchange Meeting was held smoothly
20-11-02 Anton was selected as one of the "Top 100 Beijing Private Enterprises in Technological Innovation"
20-09-29 Citibank upgrades Anton as a Global Strategic Partner
20-08-26 Anton completed the first velocity string recovery and reuse operation in China
20-07-10 Anton Geological Engineering Service Create the longest horizontal well record of Southern Exploration Company
20-05-11 Anton's O&M Services successfully entered the Iraqi gas field market
20-04-29 Anton completed the deepest shale gas ultra-long horizontal well of CNPC
20-03-31 Anton AICD water-control technology helps old horizontal well achieve cost reduction and efficiency increase
20-02-27 Anton Chad Integrated Oilfield Management Project started production trial operation