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Whistleblower Reports

I. Channels for Giving Whistleblower Reports
Tel: 0086-10-57397816
Address:Audit and Supervision Dept.
No. 8 Pingcui West Road, Donghuqu, Chaoyang District, Beijing
Zip Code: 100102
II. Interpretation of Whistleblower Reports
Whistleblower Reports , refer to the Company's employees or other relevant stakeholders’ who would like to inform, report and/or send complain to the receiving department on the actions of others that has infringed or may infringe on the company's property, reputation, legal rights and/or public interests, or such actions might breach the internal rules and policies of the Company or applicable laws and regulations.
1. Scope of Whistleblower Reports
1.1  Acts taking advantages of work or position to seek personal gain, including corruption, acceptance of bribes, solicitation of bribes, or other behaviors aiming to seek for one’s personal interests.
1.2  Fraudulent behaviors such as deliberately making false records, falsely reporting performances, and concealing accidents.
1.3  Acts of illegal use, embezzlement, misappropriation, and theft of Company property.
1.4  Dereliction of duty, such as not actively taking measures against accidents that can be prevented.
1.5  Acts of divulging company secrets or the privacy of relevant parties.
1.6  Acts that damage or conflicts with the rights and interests of the company, such as simultaneously holding a position in another company or concurrently operating a business similar with the company.
1.7  Use the company's name to commit fraud activities.
1.8  Conducting illegal or inappropriate conducts in business development or cooperation, such as unfair competition, encounter of unfair treatment, etc.
1.9  Other fraud or illegal activities or activities in violation of rules and regulations provided by Hong Kong Stock Exchange, business ethics and/or relevant contract requirements.
1.10  Comments and suggestions on the company's anti-corruption related work.
2. Conditions for Acceptance of Whistleblower Reports
2.1 Concurrence of the following conditions need to be satisfied for the acceptance of the reports:
a)  There are clear reporting targets and specific statements of the violations of applicable laws and regulations, rules and regulations provided by Hong Kong Stock Exchange, business ethics and/or relevant contract requirements, etc.
b)  The report has relevant evidence or is feasible for investigation; the complaint has specific facts and reasons.
c)   Whistleblowers are responsible for the authenticity of the materials they provide. Disciplinary and legal responsibilities should be borne by the whistleblower if they frame up or fabricate false evidence.
2.2 Reports will not be accepted should there be any of the following circumstances:
a)      It has been, is being, or should be resolved through litigation, arbitration, administrative adjudication, administrative reconsideration, etc.
b)      The report that has been accepted or completed being reported again, and there is no new evidence or clue to the contents of the report.
c)      Whistleblower Reports without substantive reports or accusations.
d)      Reports that has no evidence, no facts, hearsay or that involves malicious retaliation.
3. Principals for Acceptance of Whistleblower Reports
3.1   The Company encourage all relevant stakeholders to monitor and report violations of applicable laws and regulations, rules and regulations provided by Hong Kong Stock Exchange, business ethics and/or relevant contract requirements that may have a negative impact on the company.
3.2   The company promote real-name reports, and give priority to real-name reports. If you report in real-name, please be sure to indicate your real name, contact information, etc., so that we can further contact you when necessary, and the company could better understand the report and feedback the result of the investigation to the whistleblower.
3.3   The Company persist in the principle of "report must be handled; investigation must have result; the fault must be resolved; and the report must be closed in a timely manner", and the legitimate rights and interests of the whistleblower and the reported person need to be strictly safeguarded.
4. Policies to Protect Whistleblowers
4.1   Confidentiality of report: Except for the disclosure in accordance with the law or the transfer of fraud cases to the judicial department for further processing, the Company will keep strictly confidential the identity information of the whistleblower and the report materials received unless clear consent of the whistleblower has been received.
4.2   Prevention of retaliation: The Company promises to keep the whistleblower harmless from unfair treatment or improper punishment, and it is strictly forbidden to retaliate against the whistleblower in any form, violation of whichwill be dealt with strictly according to the Company policy, and those who violate the law or commit a crime will be accountable for the legal liability.