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New breakthrough of gas storage monitoring technology – Anton permanent optical fiber monitoring technology

Gas storage monitoring is an essential work in the operation of the gas storage group, which runs throughout the production operation of the gas storage group. To ensure the security of underground gas storage (raga, highly effective, scientific and reasonable operation), finish of the injection-production profile, wellbore, pressure field, fluid field, fluid composition of continual dynamic monitoring and key time measurement, realize the gas feeding, all-round, three-dimensional monitoring for safety assessment of gas storage long-term operation and management, and provides scientific basis for dynamic analysis. Through uninterrupted data collection and analysis, Anton's permanent optical fiber monitoring completely records gas injection, gas production and wellbore integrity of the gas storage wells. The application of big data ensures the continuity and integrity of reservoir data and provides direct data support for the subsequent construction and operation of the gas storage.

1.     RIH design - Anton customized personalized design

On September 29, 2021, Anton successfully completed the operation of four Wells of the permanent optical fiber monitoring project of a gas storage depot in northeast China. The well type of this project is vertical well with casing completion, and the monitoring parameters include pressure in the middle of the reservoir, temperature and acoustic data of the whole section. The monitoring scheme provided by our company is to use a grating fiber pressure gauge to monitor the pressure in the middle of the reservoir and use 1/4 inch stainless steel tube armored optical cable to monitor temperature and acoustic data of the whole interval.


On November 10, 2021, Anton successfully completed the construction of permanent optical fiber in four Wells of the permanent optical fiber monitoring project of XX Gas Storage in Changing Oilfield. The project for the well type of directional well, the casing completion, temperature monitoring parameters have all sections and acoustic data, and well completion string between the relief valve and oil layer casing minimum through the space of only 6.6 mm, the average unilateral by limiting within 3 mm, our company provide monitoring scheme for using the square armored cable for homework, prolong the life time of the cable,  The inner armored layer of double-layer armored optical cable is used for safety valve crossing to reduce the risk of operation and prolong the service time. 

2. Operation – utilization of special tools to ensure the safety of the operation  

Anton provides a professional operation team, using special equipment & tools to complete the cable layout. Provide equipment, monitoring tools for each well to ensure the integrity of the cable and ensure the service life of the permanent cable.

3. Optical fiber monitoring data acquisition and interpretation - temperature, acoustic, pressure data acquisition and well integrity data acquisition  

The preset optical cable is connected to the surface data acquisition equipment, and the single-mode and multi-mode optical fibers respectively record the downhole distributed acoustic wave and temperature data. The grating pressure gauge collects pressure data, and then the wellbore integrity data is obtained through the processing and interpretation of acoustic data.


4. Processing of optical fiber monitoring data - interpretation of suction profile and production profile 

Through comprehensive analysis of acoustic, temperature and pressure data, Anton interprets the output and suction profile of the monitoring well to better understand the state of the underground gas storage and provide data support for the next steps. At the same time, the integrity of the wellbore is monitored. The integrity of production tubing, casing and other completion strings is understood by the acoustic wave and temperature monitoring in the whole well section to provide data support for the integrity evaluation of gas storage wells and ensure the economic benefits of gas storage Wells. 


DTS+DAS monitoring system can be used for mutual verification and joint interpretation, which maximally improves the accuracy of interpretation, improves the accuracy of suction profile results, and clearly records downhole abnormal events. Anton has a complete understanding of downhole conditions, formation conditions, gas injection, and gas production compared with conventional monitoring methods provides a comprehensive assessment of all downhole production and emergencies. 

In the future, the monitoring of gas storage should be the three-dimensional monitoring of geological integrity, wellbore integrity and ground integrity in the whole life cycle. Anton permanent optical fiber monitoring will become one of the most important technologies.