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Special Training Session for Anton Overseas Employees

From May 24th to May 27th, the first phase of special training for overseas employees in 2023 organized by the Human Resources Department of the Group and undertaken by the Petroleum Innovation Institute was held in Suining. The main trainees are 26 overseas returning employees from various regions. The training lasted for three days, covering internal training courses, experience sharing, technical exchanges, interactive experiences, etc., aiming to improve employees' awareness and understanding of corporate culture and understanding of the company. Tasks and adjustments at this stage will enhance the company's sense of integration and enhance team cohesion.

At the opening ceremony, Zhang Dong, the general manager of the group's human resources department, gave an opening speech. During the three-year epidemic, Anton's employees and the company have gone through this difficult time together. This training is a rare opportunity for reunion , I hope all trainees can cherish this training opportunity, receive training, enjoy training, and publicize training.

The trainees study seriously, actively participate, devote themselves wholeheartedly, have strict discipline, speak enthusiastically, actively share, constantly exchange learning experience and work experience, and conduct in-depth communication with teachers. Every student in the class has made detailed training notes, and the training effect is remarkable. The trainees have not only improved their professional knowledge, but also gained more valuable learning experience and interpersonal skills. After the course, positive feedback and suggestions will be obtained. Fully carry forward the spirit of dedication and progress.