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About Us


I、QHSE Vision

Anton oil regards "zero-defect, zero-accident, and zero-complaint" as its goal and is committed to achieving the best QHSE performance in the oil and gas industry.

II、QHSE Policy

Life, Environment, Customer, Excellence
Life: The most important thing during work is to protect life
Environment: Protect the environment whenever we work
Customer: Do everything we can to achieve customer satisfaction
Excellence: We always pursue outstanding performance standards


QHSE is the first priority in Antonoil.

IV、QHSE Commitment

Antonoil has always believed that QHSE is the core value of the company: "QHSE is the first priority in Antonoil". Antonoil requires all employees to accept responsibility and to fulfill their obligation in regarding QHSE performance. Line managers are required to communicate, demonstrate and comply with relevant QHSE policies and standards.
We commit to:
Observing the laws and regulations of local country and area, while respecting local customs.
Establishing and promoting proactive QHSE management and continuously improving QHSE performance.
Whenever and wherever we work protecting our employee and related parties from physical and mental health impacts is the number one priority.
Minimizing our business impact on the environment by promoting clean production, preventing pollution and minimizing emissions, utilizing natural resources efficiently, reducing and recycling wastes.
Excellent QHSE performance as a prerequisite of being employed by Anton and we reward employees for outstanding performance in regard to QHSE.
Being open and honest in regard to company QHSE performance to all relevant parties.
Continuously developing QHSE as our corporate culture by ensuring Visible leadership, everyone intervention, pursuing excellence and do it right the first time.

All employees, contractors and suppliers of Anton are encouraged to support this commitment in order to fulfill our corporate vision.


The antonoil QHSEMS determines the QHSE principles wherever we work. All of these principles will be communicated and understood by employees, customers, contractors and related parties who are involved with our business. Each department has the responsibility to fully implement QHSEMS.
The QHSEMS consists of eight interrelated components:

  • Leadership and Commitment
  • Policy and Objectives
  • Organization, Responsibilities, Resources and Documentation
  • Contractor and Supplier Management
  • Risk Management
  • Business Processes
  • Performance Management
  • Audits and Management Review

Continue to improve QHSEMS through auditing 3 aspects listed:
a) Regular standard and operational procedures (Control)
b) Management systems (Correction)
c) Improve management systems (continuous improvement)

VI、Antonoil Life-saving rules