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2015 New Year's Address from the CEO

Several days ago, an elder paid a special visit to me, discussing today and tomorrow.
On June 13, 2014, President Xi Jinping proposed the strategic objectives of promoting energy consumption and production revolution at the National Energy Security Working Conference, and on November 19 the State Council publicized the Energy Development Strategy Action Plan (2014-2020) that brought forth the huge opportunities and prospect of the energy sector in future; however, in 2014 the Chinese economy was under even heavier pressure of downward momentum. As the international oil price keeps plunging, the oil and gas resource industry is staggering in the downturn. Tomorrow is a big difference compare with today. Anton has been fighting for survival over the years and laid stress on the sustainability in a long run of future.
In 2014, Anton continued improvement of product line of the whole process of oil-gas field development and in particular Anton's oil extraction has achieved considerable progress. In 2014, Anton fully started environment friendliness business of oil field and basically established integrated industries. For market layout, Anton not only concentrated on domestic key markets, but also put more investment in Iraqi and American markets. For human resource, in 2014 Anton recruited a large number of graduates that enriched our talent pool. The excellent organizational structure and fundamental elements of Anton have taken shape with all-round readiness for tomorrow. However, by the end of 2014 the share price of Anton has hit the rock bottom so that we have to lower our anticipation in every communication with the capital market, or sometimes we even struggle in dilemma. At present, we have to admit we did not perform well today in 2014 and we have underestimated the existing difficulties especially some fundamental work that needs to be implemented and secured.
Optimism about future and readiness for future with no disturbance of present performance is a successful model of a few great companies by making a great coup at last. From this perspective, we can say that Anton has had another firm step towards the greatness. For Anton, giving consideration to both today and tomorrow and seeking progress in stability are our choices. In 2015, we need to firstly focus on today that we should never compromise in front of challenges but consolidate our confidence. We will not make large-scale investment in product development and instead we should concentrate on the state-of-art operation of every single existing product. We should instill the culture of performance into every single project and every individual staff. In the mean time, we should make use of the existing favorable resources and brands, and by implementation of resource integration and optimization of resource allocation, we are convinced that Anton will gain harvest good results in 2015.
Anton people are always confident in the social progress, industry progress, market openness and the philosophy of No Pains No Gains. Anton will never stop her pace towards a great company. We will steadfastly consummate two platforms: firstly the platform of professional managers to attract and train a batch of professional managers that offer powerful capabilities of business management to Anton, which will be the foothold of Anton; secondly the platform of investors, that is a transparent, open and trustworthy platform, which will win support of more capital sources. I hereby promise this is not my personal platform. We must build up a real public and common Anton for the whole oil industry.
As the representative of Anton’s professional managers, I will lead all Anton people to tackle with the present difficult time, do things well today, have a farsighted look into the future and do things well tomorrow. Let us believe Anton will have a good today in 2015 and a better tomorrow!
Luo Lin
January 1, 2015