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New Year's Address from the CEO

I do not know if, everyone is like me, often feel uneasy? Like the other day, I went to Hong Kong to accept the Outstanding Board of Directors Award and the Outstanding Individual Award, the uneasy feeling is particularly strong. Yes, it is time again to ask yourself: what we have done in the past year?

In July 2011, Antonoil, as the main service side, completed China's first shale gas horizontal well fracturing segment. Recalling 2008  when we began to promote horizontal well fracturing segment, particularly in June 2009 we made cooperation with Great Wall Drilling, by horizontal well fracturing segment, in the Ordos Basin tight gas field we got high yield, and now the idea of​​ fracturing segment of horizontal wells has been the basic idea of ​​becoming inefficient oil and gas field development, Antonoil now is still the largest segment horizontal well fracturing service provider, although we are just involved in implementing oil companies technology decisions, I am still very pleased.

In 2011, we established a service base in Iraq, a set of equipment was transferred abroad, and output a number of key personnel to the international market, international business begun to make high-speed and stable growth. I can proudly say that our costs are lower than the international companies, we learn very quickly, and we have started have some experience in the international market.

2011 is a talent year of Antonoil. We did have trained and found a large number of people; I now advocate cultivating young people where I go, especially when I meet government leaders. I promote my great discovery to the whole company, "young people are natural entrepreneurs, and venture of Antonoil is mainly relying on  young people", what should we do when we are old, learn from young people, just like young people, make quick responses, the whole company is full of young people! Be able to continue to cultivate young talent is the best place that Antonoil value lies in.

There are also some very important things; we have realized that we want to accomplish it in 2012 and after.

We find that the information is very important. Not just information management, as well as services, technology, and standards which can also be achieved inside. Improve information technology, and globalization will become very easy. But this is a long-term system to work, we have set up a special department, in 2012 we will launch comprehensive information technology work.

We found that culture is very important for the company's long-term development. Antonoil has had a lot of people, and we must have a systematic culture to unify everyone's understanding. We have developed a preliminary cultural program, established common goals and values, and in 2012 we will mobilize all the staff to study and discussion.

Our goal is to build the world's leading oilfield service company, information technology issues and cultural issues are methods and idea issues of our long-term development. These two things are what we need to learn, we do have a lot that we do not know, so 2012 will be our year of study.

Philosophers often discuss human anxiety, in reality, people have to solve this problem, go to work, to create value, to learn, and to create more value. In 2012, there will still be some anxiety, but this must be a: doing-things year, a happy year, a learning year, and a confident year.

Use the opportunity of the New Year to express my point of view, it cannot be considered as an address, it is only essays, relax, and thank you, my friends!