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Fighting the 2019-nCoV | Strengthen Faith, Take Active Defense, Ensure Safety and Protect Our Home

Currently, the fight for the prevention and control of the 2019-ncov epidemic is underway globally. Anton attached great importance to the prevention and control of the epidemic, set up a special working group, fully implemented the government's policies, made comprehensive arrangements for epidemic prevention, and resolutely won the fight against the epidemic and protect our common home!
Establish A Rapid Response System to Combat the Epidemic
On January 27, Anton held a core group meeting, conducted an objective analysis of the 2019-ncov epidemic, and arranged various work. At the meeting, Luo lin, Chairman of of Anton, clearly put forward three working principles during the epidemic prevention period:
First of all, Strengthen Faith.
We should have a correct understanding, we should have confidence, we should trust the government, not the rumor, we should trust the formal institutions and experts.
The second, Take Active Defense.
We should take the initiative to Fight the 2019-nCoV and Prepare for protracted warfare. We will resolutely implement the prevention and control requirements of the Chinese government and the government of Anton garrison. Resolutely implement customer requirements on epidemic control and unified management.
The third, Ensure Safety.
Anton started the work system under the state of emergency, set up an emergency leading group, ensured the prevention and control of the epidemic, actively supported and cooperated with the government and local governments' requirements for prevention and control, and ensured the production safety and business development as far as possible.


At the meeting, Luo Lin made comprehensive arrangements and requirements for epidemic prevention and control, began to formulate various norms and standards during the epidemic prevention period, and immediately set up a leading group for epidemic prevention and control, with the chairman of the board of directors as the leader and the executive management as the participants. At the same time, all units are required to quickly set up leading groups, establish relevant working mechanisms, coordinate company resources, and fully implement the work arrangements during epidemic prevention.
Luo Lin special emphasis, Anton should actively fulfilling corporate social responsibility, play the advantages of Anton globalization company, with the aid of Anton efficient supply chain system, purchasing professional materials and providing security for the epidemic prevention work. At the same time, we actively support the surrounding communities with epidemic prevention materials, help the communities to do a good job in epidemic prevention, maintain the health and stability of the communities, and contribute to the construction of a harmonious society.
At the same time, fully promote and implement online office means, eliminate personnel gathering, avoid the risk of infection caused by centralized office, and maintain efficient work and communication.
After the meeting, Anton issued the " Notification of organizational requirements for work during the epidemic prevention period", asked all staff to learn propaganda, to help the staff as soon as possible to establish epidemic awareness, into the epidemic work state.
On January 28, Luo Lin sent a letter to all the staff, hope all the staff can agree with the government and the company's arrangements, truly implement the arrangements for prevention and control, win the fight against the epidemic, protect our common home!
On January 30, the epidemic prevention core leading group held a meeting to hear about the epidemic prevention work of all units and the arrangement of production safety. At the meeting, Luo Lin made further requests for work:
First of all, we should respect the opinions of every employee and hope that employees should first protect themselves and then participate in epidemic prevention and production.
Second, each unit, each business department should take comprehensive action, take the initiative to implement the policy requirements for epidemic prevention, while ensuring the minimum impact on the production work.
Third, we need to strengthen ties and connectivity and strengthen the management through information-based means and establish work groups and joint office systems.
Fourth, management should be pragmatic, and respect the status quo, to minimize the impact of work.
Fifth, all online office problems can be solved through the IT center, to achieve a variety of forms of online work.
Sixth, HSE shall be fully covered and shall actively serve the production work.
Seventh, all business departments and front-line units must carry out policies, especially how to catch the operation in front, prepare in advance, and comply with the requirements of the HSE and epidemic prevention work.

On February 1, the QHSE management department organized the QHSE system management and control meeting to put forward suggestions and solutions to the problems existing in the current 2019-ncov epidemic prevention and control process, so as to better implement the requirements of the headquarters for epidemic prevention in all work.
On the principle of equal importance of prevention and emergency response, In order to ensure the effective implementation of prevention and control policy, Anton has issued several guidelines and standard documents to guide and standardize all work during epidemic prevention, such as “Guidelines on 2019-ncov epidemic prevention and control of Anton (trial)””Guidelines for cleaning and disinfection of public places during 2019-ncov epidemic of Anton”” Emergency response plan for epidemic prevention and control during 2019-ncov epidemic of Anton ”, etc.
Volunteers were Mobilized to Help the Community Fight the Epidemic
Anton took the initiative to contact the community where the headquarters is located, arrange volunteers to support the prevention and control of the epidemic in the community, cooperate with the community on patrol duty, prevent the source of infection from entering the community, protect common home with the community.
Employees' Health Comes First
Relying on the efficient human resources system, the prevention and control system covering all employees was quickly established, working groups were established, epidemic prevention information statistics and monitoring were conducted online, various policy and effective epidemic prevention information were timely released and shared, so as to ensure that the employees quickly established epidemic prevention awareness and ensure the orderly implementation of epidemic prevention work.
At the same time, from the headquarters to the operation site to strictly implement the comprehensive timing disinfection of the working environment, and access to personnel health monitoring.


On February 2, according to the requirements of chairman Luo Lin, a communication group of employees in Hubei was set up to timely understand their current situation, focus on solve the problems and difficulties they face, and become the most solid and reliable support for them.
Fulfill Corporate Social Rsponsibility
On January 31, the project department of Anton donated epidemic prevention materials to the resident village committee in Guangdong, China. Previously, in the communication process with the resident village committee, we learned that masks were sold out in nearby pharmacies and villagers had no purchase channels, which posed great safety risks. Upon learning the relevant situation, we immediately implemented the requirements of the group, purchased masks, disinfectant alcohol and other prevention and control materials from multiple channels, and provided a timely safety guarantee for the community residents.
At the same time, Anton is preparing more epidemic prevention materials through efficient supply chain system, striving to provide more and more timely epidemic prevention support to local communities around the world, try our best to become a model of efficient and harmonious development between human and environment, cooperating with local governments to build harmonious communities and protect our common home!