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Dedicated to Assist BOC to Achieve Efficient and Harmonious Development in Majnoon

First Anniversary Celebration of Anton Taking over Majnoon Oilfield Succeeded

Since Anton takeover of the Majnoon Oilfield in July 2018, Anton Oil has ensured the safe and stable production operation of the oilfield and achieved various outstanding results. In order to celebrate the excellent results achieved this year, On July 15, 2019, Anton Oil assisted BOC in organizing and planning the anniversary celebration. MoO(Iraqi Ministry of Oil)commissioned Deputy Minister Fayadh Hasson Nima, BOC General Manager Ihsan A.Ismaael and other leaders came to participate.The celebration was highly praised by the Iraqi MoO and the media.
At 9 o'clock in the morning, Mr. Fayadh Hasson Nima, Deputy Minister of MoO, accompanied by Chairman of the Board of Anton, Luo Lin, attend the foundation stone laying ceremony of Field Control Center. The project will use advanced safety and technology management systems to greatly enhance the production management and control capabilities of the oil field, and is expected to be put into use by 2020. Mr. Fayadh Hasson Nima expressed his gratitude to Anton in the ceremony and clarified the significance of the FCC. He also encouraged local cadres and Anton to cooperate and develop together and promote themselves in cooperation.


At 10 o'clock in the morning, the celebration in the PC camp kicked off with the national anthem. Mr. Hassan, manager of Majnoon Oilfield, Fayadh Hasson Nima, Deputy Minister of MoO, Ihsan A.Ismaael, General Manager of BOC, and Mr. Luo Lin, Chairman of the Board of Anton, respectively delivered important speeches. In the reports to the MoO, Mr.Hassan, and Mr.Ihsan A.Ismaael, expressed their recognition of Anton's work. Mr.Fayadh Hasson Nima congratulated the successful operation of the Majnoon Oilfield ,and he will convey the good production and operation of the Majnoon Oilfield to the MoO ,and promote the approval of important projects. At the same time, Mr. Fayadh Hasson Nima hoped that the oilfield will provide the necessary assistance to the communities and companies around its area to promote regional common development.
Mr. Luo Lin, delivered an speech entitled “Dedicated to Assist BOC to Achieve Efficient and Harmonious Development in Majnoon.” Mr. Luo Lin summarized the achievements of Anton in the Majnoon oilfield in the past year: HSE achieved 6.3 million labor-time safe production without accidents, and the daily output of crude oil production reached the highest level of 245,000 barrels. At the same time, Anton will actively promote the long-term development of the Majnoon oilfield, including the employee community and office building projects, the 50,000-barrel crude oil production increase project. Mr. Luo Lin emphasized that Anton's culture is hard working and helps others succeed,and more efforts would be made to help Iraq to increase the localization of employment.


At the end of the Celebration, the safety production model and the hero of the flood resistance were commended.
After the celebration, Mr. Luo Lin accepted an interview with the local TV station and reiterated that Anton will actively promote the long-term development of the Majnoon oilfield, carry forward the spirit of hard work and help the Majnoon oilfield achieve greater success.
At 13 o'clock in the afternoon, Mr. Fayadh Hasson Nima and his party heard a report from Anton on the Staffs Village, Flood Prevention and LDP (Long-term Development Planning). The Staffs Village project will attract more Iraqi talents to work in the Majnoon oilfield and promote the long-term harmonious development of the oilfield. Flood Prevention projects, based on oilfield safety production, will help to protect and achieve long-term safe production of oil fields, while also benefiting the safety of surrounding communities. The LDP, Anton described how to help Majnoon achieve a daily output of over 1 million barrelswith advanced management concepts and techniques.


With the three reports, Anton fully demonstrated our confidence in helping Majnoon achieve breakthrough development. The MoO and BOC leaders praised Anton's proposal and expressed willingness to provide more support for the implementation of the project.
About the Majnoon
The Iraqi Majnoon oil field is located near Basra and is one of the largest oil fields in the world, with an estimated oil geological reserve of 38 billion barrels. In April 2018, Anton won the Majnoon oilfield integrated management project with its technology, talent and management advantages. Anton provides core management positions and personnel. It adopts a market-based mechanism and employs more than 230 international employees from more than 30 countries including the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Russia and Pakistan. More than 340 local employees.