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New Year's Address from the CEO

Dear all the staff:

Hello, everybody!

On the occasion of the end of the year and coming of the New Year, I, on behalf of management level of the company, extend my sincere condolences to all employees of the company

 The past 2007, is a very unusual year in the history of Anton, in the hard work of all my colleagues, especially the majority of front-line staff, we successfully completed the task of the various programs in 2007. Meanwhile, the company also successfully entered the international capital markets, has opened a new chapter in the development of Anton, and created a historical precedent for Chinese private oilfield service companies listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange Main Board

The year of 2007 is a milestone in the history of our Anton, this is a year when we Anton people make big breakthroughs and great development, this year has brought us tremendous opportunities for development, and is a key strategic significance year for our continued success in the future development.

Looking to 2008, we are facing a new starting point, but it also means more pressure and new challenges. The increasingly fierce market competition and the urgent expectations of the capital market all give us higher demands and more difficulties.

In the coming New Year, all Anton people are sure to face the challenges and difficulties, and we should be more diligent, humble, and dedicated to work, continue to step to the goal to build Anton into a China and a world-class oil service company. With our customers and partners, develop China oilfield services market jointly, and together create a more brilliant tomorrow!

Finally, again I express my heartfelt thanks to the continuous efforts and hard work of all my colleagues of the company in the past year! We also thank your families for the strong support of the employees, and behind Anton’s excellent performances, there are also a credit to them.

Happy New Year to all of my colleagues and tour families! May everything go well!

          Rollins, President of the Board of Anton Oilfield Services (Group) Ltd
January 1, 2008