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New Year's Address from the CEO

Dear Friends:

    Happy New Year! The unusual 2008 has past away, and we ushered in the hopeful 2009. On the occasion of the New Year, I represent Antonoil to extend festive greetings to all the friends!

   2008 is a very unusual year for everyone, for there was the outbreak of a historic economic crisis, and crude oil prices fell sharply, which brought the business enormous difficulties. Thankfully, Antonoil at the end of 2007 successful completed the listing, which allowed us to prepare in advance a winter coat, compared with a large number of peers, our capital and scale advantages were more prominent. Under the new situation, the domestic oil companies on the one hand has speeded up efforts to open markets and encourage competition, especially the growing emphasis on the role of private oil field service force; on the other hand, more and more emphasis has been put on improving efficiency through technology. For Antonoil, basic conditions for sustainable development are still in good aspect to change.

    2008 was the first full year after Antonoil went public, and is the beginning of Anton's second venture, and this year we have achieved fruitful results.

    For the current pattern of international and domestic oilfield services market, we identified completion technology as the core of one-stop technology service positioning including drilling technology, well completion technology and technology-stop technology down hole operation services. Around this positioning, a series of independent research and development, equipment investment and acquisition activity have been added many new services this year, generally completing China's leading one-stop technical service capabilities. With the decline of crude oil prices, to follow the oil active strategic adjustments of the company, we prepared in advance and made the timely introduction of low-cost solutions to help customers reduce costs. Since the basic completion of the one-stop technical services, the company's services has had a certain advantage in the international market and it began explore the international market this year, and has achieved good results. Faced with a huge market demand of the industry, market share this year of Antonoil have greatly improved.

    Anton’s ants spirit, and the core concept of "to help others succeed, so that we ourselves can be successful," have always been the belief that Anton people stick to, with the rapid expansion of company size, particularly mergers and acquisitions being  carried out, being mutually compatible and eclectic has become Anton’s important part of ant culture. Uniform quality standards and compatible culture will become the two protections that Anton continues to grow.

    Since the past year of being listed, the company's management has got considerable improvement, and risk control system has been strengthened, compared to previous days, we stand more stable, and program management is more proactive and effective, and we look at a more clear future. The management of the foundation work has been compacted, and we feel stronger than ever. Whether it is before or after the listing, we have worked so hard, and we are enjoying the pleasure that listing brings to us.

    In short, 2008 was a harvest year, and also lay the foundation for the next year.

    Looking to 2009, we will face a lot of difficulties, but we are ready. We will continue to adhere to the positioning of completion one-stop technical services, and implement low-cost solutions to increase market share. We will continue through the introduction of talent, independent research and development, technical cooperation and mergers and acquisitions, to promote the rapid development of the company. We will continue to improve ourselves and make a solid foundation, thus keeping the company has a strong body. We will continue to work hard to help each other, and be modest and loyal. We believe that 2009 will be a bumper year!

    Finally, once again I thank my friends for your concern, support and love for Antonoil; I wish you all a pleasant surprise in 2009!

Rollins, Chairman of the Board of Anton Oilfield Services (Group) Ltd
January 1, 2009