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Address of 2013 New Year from the CEO

In 2012, we recruited nearly 300 graduates, but we still feel that it is a little less. If I knew that Antonoil can develop into this scale now, I really should hire more people a few years ago, and maybe Antonoil can develop more quickly.

Many times it is just like this, when ​​things are done, we look and will find that it is actually easy. The first industrial restructuring of Antonoil is the transition from the oil tubing services to well technical services from 2004, revenues of well technical services in 2010 exceeded 80% share, it is the time when Antonoil became a real oilfield service company. We faced a lot of interference and confusion, but now when we look back, we will not believe it is complicated. In 2010, Anton began a strategic transformation of petroleum integrated service model, and in the past two years, it has established an integrated service department and improved the drilling, completion, mine and oil extraction industries. In 2012, we established a joint venture with Schlumberger Integrated Project Management Company, building a mud drilling services business, in particular building an underground conventional fracturing service capacity. Through the integration strategic transformation of these two years, I feel the road ahead is broader and large-scale development of oil Anton has no bottleneck. Highest state of doing things is to know in advance it is very easy, maybe the integration of transition needs a 4-5 year period, now it is far from success, but this time I have felt it in advance it is an easy thing.

So in the next few years, what will Antonoil do is very simple: to construct the conventional integrated service capability. In 2013, we still have to increase the regular service capacity-building, including underground fracturing services and drilling services capacity building, and also through research and development and manufacturing support investments, further enhance the independent ability and cost advantages, the market will be mainly strategic union-based. If we keep a relatively static environment like that of the current, I can feel subsequent rapid growth of Antonoil is a relatively easy thing, here I am sorry that I do not give you a new perspective this year.

That I found the future development of the Antonoil is a simple thing is both a surprise and concern, we can relax? That day when I made meditation at home, I felt the house shaking a little. Just think that if there came to a sudden big disaster and world chaos, my wealth would be the same like yours, and we would go through torture, through a renewal order and re-division process, my friends and colleagues and I would still have mutual trust? Antonoil would still gather together? I suddenly felt the oilfield service company is actually a human resources company, so it is even simpler, and I just make every effort make this human resource company in a good state.

The 18th session of the National People's Congress has opened for some time, near the end of the year, we also passed through the "doomsday", I suddenly feel that in private enterprises there is some new air, feel the development environment is changing again, Antonoil stocks also rises, team also grows, so is there a new opportunity for Antonoil ? We all believe that the world will be good, and I feel our country is getting better and better and I believe that Anton would be better. I never worry about myself, I hope everyone be ok, I mean that every one of us is good.

Chairman of Anton Oilfield Services (Group) Ltd
Rollins, CEO of Antonoil
January 1, 2013