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2011 New Year Message of the CEO

Not similar to that in rural areas of my childhood, now the beginning of the year is the January 1 of calendar year, in particular for listed companies. Suddenly I think that if I grew up and lived in my hometown in Hunan where I was born until now, perhaps it would be very wonderful. The reality is that similar to everyone else, I, for so many years, have been away from my hometown, which is characteristic of our times, for we are in a major transformation and transition times. Different from great change and disintegration of the Qing Dynasty, at that time there was a need to establish a new political system, and that era needed a politician, for it was the era of the revolutionaries, but now we need economic builders, for it is the entrepreneur's age. In fact, there are many similarities between revolutionaries and entrepreneurs, revolutionaries are full of ideals, passionate, and feared neither hardship nor death, while entrepreneurs, with tenacious perseverance, are not afraid of setbacks and failures, so today's entrepreneurs are the revolution persons. In modern era, there is great development of society in all walks of life in the rapid economic development, countless entrepreneurs are making hard struggle, creating history with youth and blood, and the current situation has created entrepreneurs, society needs entrepreneurial talent, and this era belongs to entrepreneurs.

I was lucky to grow up in this era, and very honored to lead a group of entrepreneurs founding Antonoil. In early 2010, we started business for the second time, our goal is to build the world's leading oilfield service company, and in 2010 we have been successful for the first year, Antonoil returned to the high growth track. On the technical side, we formed three technical features, with the establishment of the Ministry of oil and gas development, integration division, and oil division, thus forming oil and gas field development of integrated services including drilling, completion, underground operations, and production services with the wellbore technology as the core characteristic, and pipe business also developed steadily. Sulige horizontal wells’ production improvement got a good reputation, coiled tubing services scale increased, and completion well got smooth integration, thus forming horizontal well technology features with the core of horizontal well completion and stimulation operations. Whiling seizing market opportunities in natural gas development, we made ​​adequate technical reserves for the development of unconventional gas wells, forming natural gas well technology and service characteristics. We established Houston technology center, and had the ability to mobilize domestic and international resources. International and domestic marketing went hand in hand, and strategic marketing and brand marketing got fully implemented, so that the marketing model has been sublimated. In terms of human resources, the introduction of talent to be successful, the introduction of talent has played a significant role in driving the company's business, also personnel training achieved great success, and a group of young people have grown up. In short, 2010 was an overall successful year, and we are a step closer to the goal.

More importantly is that Anton people have been mobilized, and has formed a warm entrepreneurial scene. What I always feel proud is that I think I am the most hardworking person and flaunt myself with revolutionary spirit, but now I find that there are a lot of Anton persons who are like me. Anton has a number of outstanding entrepreneurs who are in persistent hard work and dedication and are in mutual encouragement and in growth. We've got a lot of people's help, has been accepted by the community, and has got a lot of honor and praises, so we are a group of happy entrepreneurs. Construction of the world's leading oilfield services company is not only an ideal of Antonoil men, it is also an ideal for many oilfield service technicians, so this is an ambitious goal, and is a common and long-term goal that needs a large number of outstanding talents to make efforts. I want to tell you, Antonoil is a good business platform, we have a broad market prospect and plenty of financial support, and we have had a good start and a number of good talents. But our talents are not enough, we need a large number of people, especially the leading talent who are dedicated entrepreneurs, and this is the key to our success in the second venture. We welcome those who have common ideals with us to join us and participate in this sacred cause, use our youth, passion, and unity, to complete our goal, and we will also create new heights in life, becoming glorious entrepreneurs of this era.

Looking to 2011, we will face a very good opportunity and to maintain high growth is a foregone conclusion, we will be more focused on the future, and talent is the basis of our long-term development, we will choose 2011 as the personnel year, the training and introduction of personnel, and publicizing of entrepreneurship will be the most important work of the year. We will recruit a large number of young elite talents and play the rapid growth talent mechanism, and we have launched a leader program for training and the introduction of senior technical personnel, senior professional managers and entrepreneur teams, paying attention to the industry leading talents. We have added large training investment, through vocational import plan, and these people will be marked with Anton's identity and the identity of entrepreneur. We hope to promote long-term stability and development through training, introduction, training and management.

Anton's growth has got the concern and help of been various friends, thank you for the long time concern, care and help, thanks for their hard work of all the staff over the past year, and I wish you all a Happy New Year, and happiness of your families.

 Rollins, President of Anton Oilfield Services (Group) Ltd and CEO of Antonoil
January 1, 2011