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Anton ultra-deep well brine mining technology has set a new world record for salt mine development

On September 24, a horizontal remote connected halogen production well group contracted by Anton Petroleum was successfully delivered to customers by completing the equipment and personnel guarantee in Shandong Delta Salt Mine.During the guarantee period, the production operation of the well group was stable and no abnormal, the brine produced was about 65302 cubic meters, containing about 9100t of salt.The mining depth of the well group exceeds 4000 meters, which refreshes the world record of salt mine development, fills in the technical blank of deep well salt development in the world, and has great pioneering significance in the field of deep well salt development, indicating that Anton has mastered the world's leading halogen mining technology in ultra-deep wells.

Delta salt mine is known to be the deepest mining, the most difficult, ultra-high temperature and high-pressure brine mining well in the world. There are no successful cases of deep well connection technology and deep well solution cavity extraction process in China, especially the latter is the key to the success of this project. At present, there is only the experience of shallow well halogen mining (TVD 1000~3050 m) in each major salt mine in China, and the development technology of salt in deep well with TVD of more than 3500 m is not yet mature, so there is no successful experience for reference.

Before the launch of this project, the project department visited more than ten salt chemical enterprises in Sichuan, Chongqing, Hubei, Yulin, Hebei and Shandong, organized and held a large-scale discussion on the construction plan for more than ten times, and formulated the construction plan based on the opinions of several experts in halogen extraction and the design institute.

This well group construction involves the following 7 new technologies:
1.      High temperature and high pressure connection technology of ultra-deep well, the TVD of connection point is more than 4000 meters, the bottom hole temperature is more than 140 °, and the pressure is greater than 79MPa;
2.      Technology of Saturated saltwater mud with low solid ;
3.      High-temperature and high-pressure directional guide technology for ultra-deep well to realize 100% drilling ratio of salt layer;
4.      Super-deep horizontal well, running 7 "casing and sieve tube in the whole 8”-hole well section;
5.      Cementing with small clearance in the third long well section under Saturated saltwater mud ;
6.      Milling cut high strength casing in deep well (at a depth of 404 ×-406 × m, steel grade p110, wall thickness 12.65mm);
7.      Oil well head is used for the first time in salt mine.

In strict accordance with the construction technical scheme and measures, the project department has overcome the difficulties brought about by large section of compound salt and gypsum layer, high temperature, high pressure and high density. The technology, personnel, instruments and equipment have withstood the test, and the well group connection has been successfully realized at one time, the drilling cycle has been saved, and the well group connection has been completed with safety, high quality and high efficiency.

At the same time ,we completed the deep well solution cavity without any problem, successfully transferred to the customer’s halogen pipeline, to achieve customer’s self-supply and self-mining.During the guarantee period, the well group is in stable operation.At present, the customer has officially accepted the well for production.The current daily production of brine is about 1800 cubic meters, and the later production of brine can reach 2880 cubic meters.