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"Going Global" Bank-Enterprise Exchange & Cooperation Meeting for Private Listed Oil&Gas Enterprises Succeeded

On April 12, 2019, the "Going Global " Bank-Enterprise Exchange & Cooperation Meeting for Private Listed Oil&Gas Enterprises, sponsored by the Foreign Economic and Trade Office of the Beijing Municipal Commerce Bureau and hosted by Anton Oilfield Services Group, was successfully held. Six private listed companies (Anton Oilfield Services Group, United Energy Group, Poly GCL, China Oil HBP Group, MI Energy and Geo-jade Petroleum Corporation) in the oil&gas industry, and seven financial institutions (China Development Bank Beijing Branch, China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation (SINOSURE), Bank of Beijing, Bank of Kunlun, Beijing Capital Investment & Guarantee Co., Ltd., China Everbright Bank, Bank of China), attended the meeting. Li Hengqing, Director of the Foreign Economic and Trade Office of the Beijing Municipal Commerce Bureau, presided over this meeting. Luo Lin, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Anton Group, delivered the opening speech.
According to the statistics of the Beijing Municipal Commerce Bureau, the value of the "Going Global" projects of enterprises in Beijing going was US$124 million in 2004, and grew to US$15.574 billion in 2016. Under the influence of macroeconomic control, this indicator declined in 2017-2018. Structural analysis indicates that private enterprises account for 79% of all those going global. However, investigation also shows that some problems and difficulties restrict the further growth of their overseas business when private enterprises "go global", among which the most urgent is the support of financial institutions.
At this Bank-Enterprise Exchange & Cooperation Meeting, the present enterprises described their won difficulties based on their situations and business characteristics, which can be summarized into difficult financing and high financing cost due to the nature of the enterprises and absence of support from domestic financial institutions in their overseas business development due to national or technical reasons. Long-standing and difficult to solve, these problems greatly restricted the "Going Global" pace of private enterprises. In response to these problems, SINOSURE, Beijing Capital Investment & Guarantee and Bank of Kunlun proposed targeted solutions, and other institutions also made positive response based on their own products and policies. Beijing Municipal Commerce Bureau is also about to launch preferential policies on credit, guarantee, interest subsidy and the like for supporting private enterprises to "go global ".
As the summary to the meeting, Li Hengqing pointed out that Beijing Municipal Commerce Bureau supported and recognized the efforts for solving the problems faced by enterprises when "Going Global" in the form of bank-enterprise exchange and cooperation meeting, and hoped that a platform could be established through this meeting so as to establish and enhance the connection between banks and enterprises, and the difficulties and problems faced by enterprises continued to be discussed and addressed in the future work. All parties of this meeting believed that, private oil and gas enterprises would make greater achievements in the world under the guidance of policies and with the support from financial institutions in the future.